Mechanical Concrete® Pothole Terminator, an ASCE Grand Challenge award-winning solution to potholes, was presented to national scrap tire industry leaders and state regulators at the 7th Scrap to Profit Conference (STP) in Nashville, Tennessee, sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Environment October 25 and 26.

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What is the Scrap to Profit Conference (STP)?

The STP conference participants explored topics that can drive innovation in the scrap tire industry. Participants also discussed current trends and future opportunities in the tire-derived fuel, civil engineering and ground rubber markets.

“This conference was a unique opportunity to show the Pothole Terminator technology to state and local officials that are involved in regulating the tire recycling industry,” said Samuel G. Bonasso PE, Fellow of ASCE, developer.

About Pothole Terminator and Mechanical Concrete®

Scrap to Profit Conference

Sam Bonasso at 7th STP

Pothole Terminator is used to repair persistent potholes by completely removing the water-damaged section of road-base (the real cause of pothole formation) and replacing it with Mechanical Concrete®.

Mechanical Concrete® is a patented, geo-synthetic technology that confines any crushed stone or aggregate material inside of a thin-walled cylinder made from waste auto tires. This cylindrical confinement dramatically improves the load supporting capacity of the stone. It creates a virtually indestructible road base that resists the water generated, pothole failure mechanism.

Bonasso presented on the sustainability, cost-effectiveness and simplicity that Mechanical Concrete® Pothole Terminator brings to the table. He presented during the Identifying and Fostering the Next New Market portion of the STP conference.

“Mechanical Concrete® Pothole Terminator has the ability to sustainably solve a major, costly public problem — the pothole,” Bonasso said. “All while using scrap tires. It is a winner for everyone.

“It is fast, uses small equipment, requires no compaction and instantly supports loads and resists erosion.” Bonasso said. “Mechanical Concrete® Pothole Terminator reduces maintenance by at least 75%.”

Mechanical Concrete® was developed by Bonasso and is U.S. and Canada-patented. It has been lab-tested at West Virginia University (WVU) and field proven on a high volume commercial road in Westover and coal haul/industrial roads in six states.

Mechanical Concrete® Pothole Terminator can be used to create:

  • Road base foundations
  • Walls and erosion controls
  • As well as emergency repair

About Samual G. Bonasso

Bonasso, PE, graduated in civil engineering from the University of Miami, Florida, and WVU. He is an inventor with five U.S. and Canadian patents and is a career civil engineering consultant and structural engineer. Bonasso has also served publicly as the West Virginia Secretary of Transportation and Deputy Administrator, Research and Special Programs Administration and U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington, D.C.

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