Poor road conditions are frustrating to the drivers in your community. Every year, this frustration is redirected at you — through angry phone calls, letters and posts on social media. You probably even have to deal with insurance claims for bent rims, flat tires and body damage to vehicles caused by bad roads.

Potholes and road cracks are also a major safety issue; when drivers see a pothole they may swerve at the last minute, running into oncoming traffic or losing control of the vehicle as they drive over the damaged road. With approximately one-third of traffic fatalities involving poor road conditions, safety is a major concern.

Pothole Terminator by Mechanical Concrete® can eliminate the potholes in your town or city quickly, cheaply, and permanently.  Because our patented technology is free-draining and allows water to pass through it, it effectively resists pothole and rut formation and erosion. This can reduce maintenance costs of your roads by 50% or more.

The Mechanical Concrete® technology is being used throughout the US and abroad to sustainably build and repair roads. The innovative construction technology won the first American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Grand Challenge Infrastructure Innovation Contest for most feasible green idea.

  • Pothole Terminator is economically viable. It reduces initial installation costs, maintenance costs, and life cycle costs. A new study from TRIP, a national transportation research group, estimates that the average American driver spends $523 on extra maintenance and vehicle operation each year due to potholes and road cracks. In cities where the majority of roads are rated as sub-standard or poor, residents may be paying nearly double the national average — $1,025 a year. With Pothole Terminator by Mechanical Concrete®, your roads will cause less damage to cars because of potholes and poor roads. that means less money spent on car repair, and less angry phone calls from frustrated drivers.
  • Pothole Terminator is technically superior. It is stronger, more effective, easier to use, faster to install and delivers better outcomes than conventional construction or comparable geosynthetic products.
  • Pothole Terminator is environmentally friendly.  It reuses a ubiquitous societal waste, uses less aggregate material for a better result, and uses less energy and labor. In the US alone, 300 million automotive tires go to waste each year — Pothole Terminator is able to utilize them to eliminate a frustrating and common problem. In field tests, the Mechanical Concrete® technology has reduced maintenance on gravel surfaced public and industrial roads by 75%.
  • Pothole Terminator is socially supportive. You can use use unskilled labor, preserve scarce resources, improve human and machine productivity and be less disruptive. Use your own road workers and equipment to remove just the trouble area, then replace the road base with tire-derived cylinders and aggregate, then finish with blacktop or gravel. It’s just that simple.