Potholes cost everyone a lot of money. Now, a new, innovative, cost-effective, solution for potholes is available in the U.S.

What is the Solution for Potholes?

Pothole Terminator is used to repair persistent potholes by completely removing the water-damaged section of road-base (the real cause of pothole formation) and replacing it with Mechanical Concrete®, a patented, geosynthetic technology that confines any crushed stone or aggregate material inside of a thin-walled cylinder made from waste auto tires. This cylindrical confinement dramatically improves the load supporting capacity of the stone, creating a virtually indestructible road base that resists the water generated, pothole failure mechanism.

How Much Do Potholes Cost the Average Driver?

A new report from the national transportation research firm TRIP states that the average American driver spends $523 in extra vehicle operation and maintenance annually — a cost termed “pothole tax” by Washington Post writer Christopher Ingraham.

Some drivers may pay up to twice the national average if they live in a city or town with roads deemed substandard or poor in condition. Most states put the majority of their highway budgets into new road construction — leaving less than half of the budget to maintain existing roads.

The Benefits of Using Pothole Terminator

Pothole Terminator costs less than conventional pothole repair construction because it addresses the root problem and doesn’t need to be redone again in a few months. It is estimated that Pothole Terminator will reduce the maintenance costs of pothole-riddled roads by 50 percent or more.

The Pothole Terminator solution can permanently fix the average three-foot pothole for around $100.

“Most road surface failures are caused by water penetrating into the compacted base-stone binder causing it to fall apart,” Samuel G. Bonasso said, PE, Fellow of ASCE, developer. “This causes road edge collapse, potholes, ruts and creates safety problems for drivers.”

Pothole Terminator by Mechanical Concrete® physically confines and holds the base stone together. This process consistently creates a virtually indestructible, water permeable base course without depending on adhesives, binders or friction.

“It is fast, uses small equipment and instantly supports loads and resists erosion,” Bonasso said.

U.S. and Canada-patented Mechanical Concrete® was developed by Bonasso. It has been lab-tested and field proven on a high volume commercial road in Granville, W.Va, and coal haul/industrial roads in six states.

The Inventor of Pothole Terminator, the Solution for Potholes:

Bonasso graduated in civil engineering from the University of Miami, Florida, and West Virginia University. He is an inventor with five U.S. and Canadian patents and is a career civil engineering consultant and structural engineer.

Bonasso has also served publically as the West Virginia Secretary of Transportation and Deputy Administrator, Research and Special Programs Administration and U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington, D.C.

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